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Jeff's Rating System on related Ar & aP CD/Tapes(s):
* Baby Rom (Only 70 megs)
**** Bojay's Collection
**** Cat's Collection of Ar/aP
**** Palcomix - bbmbbf (Excellent Commissions)
*** Stonegate's Collection (Rare clips)
**** Toonarific's Tapes (Space ace)



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Visible Time's Key
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too aP: age Progression Ar: Age regression AS: Age Stasis CB: clothes burst or rip RN: return to normal ST: Soul Transfer UC: undersized clothing


Our email was updated.

First upload of converted 2BYA content has started. A lot of work has to be done to add bit more content to some info pages.

Site reorganization has been announced. There will be a merger of content between the 2BYA site and the Visible Time site, but the original content here will be maintained as historical backup.

Full content of the 2BYA-Visible Time info zone will eventually be backed up here, with links to all the manga/toon/text/live-action/media etc.

... much happens ...

Visible Time precursor Fast Forward & rewind goes online on this day with 3 celeb age morph avis.

2 Be Young Again website goes online on this day. There will be many stories added here over the years.

The Age Regression Story Archive (ARSA) goes online on this day, but hasn't found a permanent home yet at this point.

Timewatch first AP CB drawing.










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